5 times financial services content wasn't boring


5 times financial services content wasn't boring

Do you think financial services content is boring? Think again! Take a look at these five examples where financial institutions took their content to another level.

Let’s face it, financial services content is the stuff insomniacs turn to in search of a good night’s sleep. It can be as boring as watching paint dry. But what if there was another way to handle financial services content? There are several brands that have added the fun and brought sexy back to their content (gasp!). Who couldn’t help but smile at HSBC Australia’s quirky ATM receipts, back in 2008, that had origami instructions printed on the back?

The human element

While financial services and products are often serious by nature, the method in which they deliver their financial services content doesn’t have to be. Now, we’re not advocating cracking jokes throughout the small print of funeral cover – rather we’re talking about increasing engagement with a unique approach to your financial services content. A fun tone will improve engagement, enable you to educate your audience without being ‘preachy’ and improve their overall experience of your brand.

Structuring  financial services content with the audience in mind

  • What many banks and insurers often forget when creating their financial services content is that they are selling products to people. Content that is real, accessible and fun helps people to identify, and want to engage with, your brand.
  • Quirky and humorous content is allowed, even for formal financial institutions. Ain’t nobody got time for mundane content, so loosen those ties a little and find creative ways to put your message across.
  • Your audience is tech-savvy and they live fast-paced lives – so your financial services content needs to be based on topics that they care about for them to take the time to engage with it.

 Five examples of fun financial services content:

1. Compare the Meerkat

Hunting for insurance quotes is boring. Period. But throw in a few meerkats with quirky profiles, a few arcade-style comparison games and even the chance to buy fluffy meerkat toys online, and you’ve got a sizzling recipe for hot financial services content. The brainchild of comparethemarket.com, Compare the Meerkat creates great opportunities for engagement with these enchanting characters, while still providing subtle education on comparing insurance products from some of the top providers in the UK.

2. The Svens at 22Seven

No one wants to call their bank ‘just to chat’ about their financial portfolio or 12 ways to save cash. But 22Seven’s support team, the Svens, have made financial services content more witty, engaging and accessible with their blog posts on a wide variety of everyday topics. And best of all, they’re helpful. Topics range from lighthearted fun such as ‘Cash it to cap it: How to spend less on a night out’ to more serious matters such as ‘Sole proprietor or company: Which is best for tax?’ The Svens leave no stone unturned in digging into the best way to handle your money. It’s the kind of financial services content that keeps you coming back for more because it’s so useful.

3. Margot Robbie’s bubble bath scene in The Big Short

Let’s face it, sex sells. Make that sex, swearing and financial services content – a heady combination indeed. And in the 2015 comedy-drama The Big Short, Margot Robbie makes an unforgettable cameo appearance, enough to make any banker get a bit hot under the collar. Margot purrs seductively from a tub of bubbles, swirling champagne while explaining complex financial instruments. Her short but punchy monologue cuts to the chase of the 2007-2008 financial crisis, which was triggered by the American housing bubble. She simplifies the complex concept of subprime mortgage loans, explaining how the big banks created a corrupt, profit-making machine. And then sweetly tells her audience to f*** off. This is financial services content on a whole new sexy level.

4. Barclay’s 56 Sage Street

Money management isn’t going to capture the attention of teens and young adults, but Barclays found an innovative way to hack into their target market with 56 Sage Street – gaming. Players find themselves immersed in an interactive virtual city with four pounds in their pocket and opportunities to climb up the financial chain. At the top of that chain is the multimillionaire Mr C who, of course, lives at 56 Sage Street. What makes 56 Sage Street appealing to young consumers is that you need to adopt a hacker mindset and find ways to beat the system. While this financial services content is a little unconventional, teens are learning money-management skills on the go, by making some difficult decisions with each quest. A combination of the right decisions, hard work, street smarts and being money savvy get you to 56 Sage Street and make you king of a thriving empire. 

5. Virgin Money insurance policies

What if a financial institution actually spoke your language? No one wants to wade through reams of fine print in a contract filled with jargon while trying to submit an insurance claim in a hurry. When Virgin Money launched their insurance division, they asked us to write their financial services content and help them draft their policies with ordinary people in mind. We did away with difficult legal terms, keeping the language of their policies simple, easy to understand, and as ‘human’ as possible. No legal mumbo jumbo or financial jargon. Simple, plain English.

For example: “Quick payouts: Once we agree on a settlement, we’ll pay you within three working days, pinky swear” or “In South Africa, potholes and roadworks are common on our roads. The Tyre and Rim policy covers you up to R6 000 per claim and up to R12 000 per year. This includes damage to your tyres, like bubbles, cuts and bursts caused by hard braking, potholes the size of Kimberley and stationary taxis. It excludes everyday wear and tear. This is only available if you have comprehensive cover.” Simple, right?

Keep the fun and add a little sizzle because boring financial services content is so 2016. Get in touch with us today if you’d like to add some pizzazz to your content.



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