5 creative ways to illustrate your buyer personas


5 creative ways to illustrate your buyer personas

We’ve covered numerous topics about the who, what, where and why of buyer personas, such as how to match your content to the right persona and why it’s a good idea to build negative buyer personas you’d rather not invest in.

Hopefully you’ve done the hard work, and you can recall doing cartwheels out of the boardroom with a list of amazingly targeted content or blog ideas. But unless you’re a member of Mensa or you were blessed with a photographic memory, after some time you may forget the finer nuances and needs of your precious audiences.

Just to reiterate, these people are central to the manpower you invest in — so how can you make sure they stay top of mind to not only your marketing and content team, but also your sales and technical teams? Make them visible in the office, in the kitchen, and even on the back of the bathroom door to guarantee some eyeball time.

Here are a few great ways to illustrate your buyer personas:

1. Create posters (like MailChimp did)


What we especially like about these is that they are creative, simple, and give an overview of the education level, lifestyle, work style and tech capabilities of each buyer persona. If you take this approach, you can always have a more comprehensive version included in your brand guide to refer to.

2. Whip out the markers and pens (good handwriting preferable...)

 coschedule BP.png

There’s no need to pour budget into this exercise. If you’re in a creative environment like an agency with lots of arty people, then get them drawing and writing out the key indicators. You could photocopy them, stick them up on a pinboard or put them in an inexpensive frame and hang them on the wall. What we love about them is that mistakes are visible and remind you of lightbulb moments.

3. Focus on your brand affinities (what do they value most?)


If you want to remind your teams about who your customers are and you want to keep it REALLY simple, capture one all-encompassing quote at a brand level. This will keep customer service top of mind, which, let’s be honest, is what keeps your customers coming back. If everyone is dedicated to making sure that one quote is the foundation of your service delivery and product quality, your customers will have a consistently great experience no matter which department they’re dealing with.

4. Use an infographic for easy messaging


Making use of icons and illustrations offers visual cues for easy reading and messaging, plus it's a great way to incorporate your company branding.

5. Zone in on specific, practical issues


In this buyer persona, Munro American has profiled their buyer persona to match a specific product (shoes) and even profiled them to fit a specific type of shoe (eg. those for narrow feet). It's a great way to be super targeted, the design is easy to read, and practical solutions are prioritised.

However you choose to illustrate your buyer personas, the point is to document them and make them visible to everyone until they become part of your brand DNA. Remember, a buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer and not every customer will fit that exact demographic, but the main frustrations will be highlighted so you can tailor the best solutions. 

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