Planning your content has just become a breeze!


Planning your content has just become a breeze!

Keeping all your content marketing efforts together can feel like a daunting task, even for the most organised person! Do you know where all your blog posts, web pages, landing pages and content offers live? Do they need updating? There are so many items and ideas to keep track of…

It’s with this in mind that we created the 2018 Digital Content PlannerIt’s where you can plan and keep track of your content during the year. You can customise the planner to suit your needs. It also provides you with a monthly editorial overview, so you know exactly what’s happening.

How to use the 2018 Digital Content Planner:

Monthly Editorial Overview

Here’s where you can see your monthly marketing activities at a glance.

  • Rename and colour code the keys on the month view as you see fit  ̶  you don't need to use all of them if they don’t apply to your business.
  • Using the keys makes it easy to check for gaps or overlapping content.
  • Get a snapshot of your content efforts and plans in one place. Is your manager asking you what's coming up this month? See it all at a glance.

Content Repository

Keep the Content Repository up to date with your web pages, blog posts, thought leadership pieces or relevant articles that you share online. This tab makes it super easy to link to all your company’s digital content.

Landing Pages Repository

Keep track of your landing pages, their purpose, what you offered (e.g. e-book, discount, demo or checklist) and when they’re about to expire.

Content Offer Repository

Can't remember all the content offers you've created? Keep them together in your planner and always have them at hand (and remember to review and update them regularly).

Not sure what landing pages and content offers are? Read our awesome post about Inbound Marketing and learn more.

You’re on your way to your most organised year yet!

With all your content in one easy-to-use document, you’ll spend less time scratching around for “that post we did in January” and more time being the awesome marketer you are!

We can help you nail your content strategy so you can make marketing magic happen. Get in touch today.

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