Make the most of your social content this year


Make the most of your social content this year

Posted at 09:00h in content creation, social media by Louisa Du Toit

If you’re reading this, you already know that you need a social media marketing plan, supported by a content marketing strategy. Quality beats quantity. But publishing content can be overwhelming for even the most organised marketer! Especially when you’re under pressure.

We know the feels!

The best way to get over this fear is to get organised with a content calendar to help you plan and schedule your content. It also shows clients that proper planning has been done.

And planning makes a huge difference — it’s much easier to create content about a topic that can be focused on. Instead of randomly searching for ideas that could potentially work, set up time with your team to focus your brainstorming efforts.

A content calendar ensures you stick to your strategy across your entire business.

But what is a content calendar?

A content calendar is your action plan. It’s the how, when and where to execute your social media strategy. Your strategy should always be created with your buyer personas in mind — their needs, wants and challenges — and this, in turn, ensures your content is relevant to your buyer personas, while also helping brand building for your business.

A content calendar should be easy to read and understand. To help you and your team get started, we’ve created a Social Content Planning template which gives you an overview of every post that's going out, when it’s going out and if the messaging is tailored to your social channels and buyer personas.

Here’s a breakdown of our social content planning template and how to make the most of it:

  • Day

Okay, this one is self-explanatory. Which day of the week is your content going out? Are Mondays or Thursdays better for your brand?

  • Time

What time of day is your post going out? Is your audience more engaged in the morning, afternoon or evening? Is the content short- or long-form?

  • Content

This is the message going out to your audience. Make sure it’s engaging, informative or helpful and targeted at your buyer personas.

  • Sponsored

Is this post sponsored? If yes, what’s the budget for it?

  • Link

Add the link whether it’s a blog post, a web page or offer. Use your preferred link-shortening service to enable sharing.

  • Campaign

Is this post linked to a specific campaign you’re running?

  • Character count

Especially important for Twitter, indicate the character count with links and images.

  • Image

Link to the preferred image for your design team to access and where it can be downloaded/ uploaded from when scheduling posts.

Our template is customisable to your own and business preferences, depending on which social media platforms you use.

Let us know in the comments section, or on our social media channels, how you have used and experienced our template.

This template plays well with:

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